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Technical Details




  • ETC Element control board with 500 channels and 40 faders


  • 140 Colortran 2.4K dimmers wired dimmer per circuit


  • Shared with the Kendall Main Stage Theatre

Sound System


  • (1) Mackie SR24 8-bus mixing Console with power supply


  • Peavey commercial series power amp cs 400 {stereo}
  • (1) QSL Audio RMX 850 pn power amp
  • (1) QSL Audio RMX 2450 pn power amp
  • (1) Crown Power amp Com Tech 200


  • (2) EV SX-200 speakers hung in grid as a center cluster
  • (2) EV SX-200 speakers hung in grid as Left and Right stereo speakers
  • (2 ) Tannoy stereo speakers used in booth as monitors:


  • (1) Sony Mini disc player {mdsje520}
  • (1 ) Nakamishi BX2 two head cassette deck
  • (1) Tascam CD deck cdh01


  • (2) Shure L11 Belt Pack Transmitters
  • (2) Countryman EMW Microphones
  • (2) Shure L2/58 Hand held Transmitters
  • (2) Shure L4 Wireless Receiver


  • (1) 1 Furman PL plus power conditioner & light module
  • (1) Switchcraft 48 point patch bay

Production Communications

The theatre is equipped with a two-channel Clear-com intercom system with permanent wiring to the booth and areas in the theatre.

Music Equipment

Musical Equipment is shared with the Kendall Main Stage Theatre


The Theater has a compliment of orchestral risers, allowing three tiers of seating at 8″, 16″ and 24″. The risers can be set in stair-stepped levels facing straight ahead. Available are 4′ x 8′ platform risers. There are 4 each of the 8″, 16″ and 24″ risers.


  • (1) 9 foot Steinway B Grand Piano;
  • (1) Yamaha Avant Grande Digital Piano.

Musicians Furniture

  • (25) Black straight back black Wenger musicians chairs,
  • (25) Black RAT Opera music stands equipped with lights
  • (1) Large lighted RAT Conductors Stand

IT and Multimedia

Arrangements for projection, multimedia, computing, and network access must all be made through the office of Media & Technology Support Services.

Shared Spaces

Loading Access

The loading dock is 3′-11″ off of the ground. Stage access is through the scene shop through doors that are 9′-10″ high by 7′-8″ wide. There is a tight turn onto the stage. A 3′-0″ wide aluminum ramp is available for loading off trucks that are up to 18” higher or lower than the dock. Access to the loading dock requires a sidewalk permit from Campus Police and is made via the walkway between Armstrong Hall and the Science Complex on the west side of campus.

Scene Shop (KE-117)

The scene shop is located adjacent to the main Stage theatre and the Don Evans Black Box Theatre. It opens to the loading dock, and includes carpentry and paint facilities, tool storage, stock lumber storage, and freight elevator access. Note that it is NOT acoustically isolated from performance facilities.

Costume Shop (KE-027)

The costume shop includes separate work and storage areas. The work area is an open space with sewing and ironing facilities, and is suitable for fittings, alterations, and distribution. The storage area holds the TCNJ costume inventory and laundry facilities with a washer and dryer.

Scenic and Prop Storage (KE-029)

There is a scenic and prop storage area located close to the freight elevator in the basement of Kendall Hall. This area is filled to capacity with flats, columns, furniture, and props owned by the College and available for use in TCNJ productions.

Locker / Restrooms (KE-03, KE-11, KE-05, KE-12)

There are male and female locker rooms, with adjoining restrooms and showers are located in the basement level, within easy access of the Make-Up room, this area is fully equipped with locker, changing, shower, and restroom space for up to 15 people. These rooms are shared by both theatres in Kendall Hall.

Private Dressing Rooms (KE-018, KE-019)

There are two private dressing rooms each appropriate for 2-4 people. Each contains a table and chair, a small sofa, and a sink with running water.

Kendall Makeup Room (KE-016)

The Make-Up room is configured with make-up stations and stools for more than 15 simultaneous users. There is also a sink with running water, and space for a few costume racks. It is shared by both theatres in Kendall Hall, and is also used for classes.

Kendall Green Room (KE-067)

The green room, located near the elevator on the lower level of the theater, is a room suitable for 15-20 performers to warm up, or wait prior to a performance or special event. It is shared by both theatres in Kendall Hall.