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Technical Details


Lighting and Power

The Concert Hall lighting system integrates control of house, stage and accent lighting in each of two control systems. It offers flexible performance lighting options suitable for classical music rehearsal, performance, and lecture settings. Please note that gel and patterns are not part of the inventory. In addition, there is a skylight over the balcony behind the stage. The skylight cannot be blacked out.

Lighting Control

  • Colortran Viewpoint control system, with controls off stage right, and in the control room.
  • ETC Smartfade 2496 located in the control room

Lighting Equipment Inventory

  • (48) Colortran ENR dimmers
  • (12) fresnels permanent ceiling mount (1kW)
  • (72) PARs permanent ceiling mount (75W)
  • (20) Lekos, permanent mount, 10 house left, 10 house right (750W)
  • (6) Lekos, movable, center lighting balcony (750W)
  • House lighting position, power and DMX inputs.


  • Stage power – 9 stage boxes, each 120V/20A capacity (separate breakers)
  • 240V/50A outlet available backstage (no snake)
  • Balcony and house, 10 duplex outlets, 120V/40A total capacity (2 breakers)

Sound and Video Systems

The Concert Hall sound system was designed to provide professional quality stereo recording facilities, and basic sound reinforcement capabilities. House mix, stage and rehearsal hall connections all terminate at patch points in the Control room.


  • Yamaha LS9 Digital Console
  • Soundcraft Delta 8 analog mixing board, 20 inputs, 8 bus, P&G faders
  • Mackie 1402VLZ portable analog mixing board, 12 inputs, stereo bus
  • Intellix AMIX 8 input automatic mixer

Microphone Preamplifiers

  • Milennia Media 8-channel microphone preamplifier
  • AEA MS380TX Universal stereo microphone preamplifier with dual-mode matrix

Digital Converter

  • (2) RME 8 Channel ADI Converters
  • Apogee PSX-100 2-channel 24/96 A/D


  • Professional recording and reinforcement microphones by AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer, Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, and Shure.
  • Various mic stands, mounts, stereo bars, shock mounts and windscreens
  • (3) Shure Wireless Systems


  • Samplitude Recording Software running on a Rain Computer
  • Tascam DV-RA1000 PCM / DSD Digital Master Recorder (24 bit/192Khz maximum sampling rate)
  • Sony MDS -E12 Minidisc recorder (16 bit/48Khz maximum sampling rate)


  • Sony CDP-D11 CD player


  • Lexicon PCM-91 digital reverb processor


  • JBL LSR Monitors
  • KEF Mini monitors with KUBE EQ, fed by a Crest CC-151 amplifier
  • (5) Sony MDR-7506 headphones
  • (1) Furman HA-6B Monitor Amplifier
  • (2) Furman headphone breakout boxes

Music Playback System

  • JBL 4430 stage speakers, stage left and right, fed by a Crest Audio CC-151 power amplifier

Voice Reinforcement System

  • (13) Soundolier CF-883 coaxial ceiling speakers in the audience chamber fed by signal from a Crest Audio CV-301 power amplifier fed by a White 4700 Equalizer.

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Listen Systems with portable receivers and various headset configurations


  • JVC GYU 110 HD 720 P Camera
  • JVC 700 Multiformat Recorder

Musical Instruments and Equipment

Musical Instruments

  • Steinway model D concert grand piano
  • Kurzweil Mark 12 Digital Piano

Music Equipment

  • 100 Wenger Musicians chairs
  • 100 Wenger Musicians stands
  • 12 wooden RAT concert stands
  • 6 sets of wenger choir risers
  • Speaker’s podium with integrated Audio Technica uni-point microphones
  • 2 sets of Wenger 2-level conductor’s podiums
  • 1 large Wenger conductor’s stand
  • 1 small Wenger conductor’s stand
  • 1 Wenger conductor’s chair


  • Campus CATV connection in center stage floor box
  • Ethernet connection in center stage floor box
  • Telephone connection in center stage floor box

IT and Multimedia

Arrangements for projection, multimedia, computing, and network access must all be made through the office of Media & Technology Support Services.