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Don Evans Black Box Theater

The Don Evans Black Box Theater is a flexible 150-seat black box theater with space that can be configured for theater, lectures, workshops, and presentations.

It has its own box office as well as a shared restroom, dressing room, and lobby facilities.

Evans Theater Technical Packet .         PDF

Downloadable Drawings

Stage Layout                              Coming Soon
Cross Section                             Coming Soon
Light Plot                                    Coming Soon
Evans Theater Seating Chart     Coming Soon


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The Don Evans Black Box Theater has a maximum occupancy of 150, including performers, audience, and staff. A typical performance may have 15 performers and 5 staff, allowing for an audience of 130. This may vary based upon the staging needs for the performance.


  • Width: 42’
  • Length: 52’
  • A fixed Grid covers the entire area. This grid consists of 4’x 4’ squares.
  • Height to the Grid: 19’
  • 6– 20’ x 8’ black legs hung from grid for masking


Seating is flexible with 130 gray interlocking straight-backed plastic chairs. Sight lines are enhanced with a seating platform system which consists of flexible 4′ X 8′ platforms ranging from 8″ high to 32″ high and can be set up in various configurations.

The theater is typically left empty. Seating, lights and sound must be arranged and set up in advance.

Lobby (KE-120)

This is a shared space that also serves as an entrance to the Kendall Main Stage Theater. It can be configured for small receptions and is often used as an organizational and staging area for performers before they go on to the Main Stage. This area may not be used for warm up or rehearsal as the floor is constructed with poured concrete covered with tile, is easily scuffed and scratched, and offers no protection for performers should they fall.

Control Booth (KE-228)

The booth is in the Northwest corner of the theater, located just below the grid. Lighting, sound and communication controls are located there, and it is accessed from the 2nd floor of Kendall Hall.

Loading Access

The loading dock is 3′-11″ off of the ground. Stage access is through the scene shop through doors that are 9′-10″ high by 7′-8″ wide. There is a tight turn onto the stage. A 3′-0″ wide aluminum ramp is available for loading off trucks that are up to 18” higher or lower than the dock. Access to the loading dock requires a sidewalk permit from the Office of Campus Police [Call: 609.771.2167] and is made via the walkway between Armstrong Hall and the Science Complex on the west side of campus.